Dental Emergency


  • Clean your mouth out by rinsing with warm water
  • Clean out any food by gently flossing
  • DO NOT put aspirin or any other pain medication against the gums or near the aching tooth as it may burn the tissue
  • Contact your dentist if the pain persists

Chipped, Broken, Fractured Tooth

  • Save any of the pieces
  • Clean your mouth out by rinsing with warm water
  • If needed, use a cold compress to keep swelling down
  • Contact your dentist to schedule an appointment

Tooth Knocked Out

  • Save the tooth
  • Wash off the root but DO NOT scrub it or remove any tissue
  • Place tooth in its socket and hold in place, if this is not possible, place tooth in a cup of milk
  • Contact your dentist – IMMEDIATELY (remember to bring the tooth)

Food or other object caught between teeth

  • Attempt to dislodge object using dental floss
  • DO NOT use anything sharp as it can lead to further injury
  • If it remains stuck, Contact your dental office.


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